Clash of Clans Download for PC and How to Install It

Game industry expands extensively with mobile device and smartphone. Today, you can find tons of games that are only available for smartphone, but they are not capable to play on PC. One of popular strategy-based games is Clash of Clans with millions players around the world. How to get Clash of Clans download for PC? Several things are important to know before you are ready for installing.

System Requirements

Playing game on smartphone is different from PC or laptop. You may see that most of PCs and console games are very sophisticated. It takes advanced hardware to keep playing until all tasks are done. Well, strategy game on PC will consume more resources than its mobile version. However, Clash of Clans does not have PC version, which means there is possible to play only at minimum specs.

Clash of Clans download for PC will need minimum RAM 1 GB and the processor is Celeron or above version. Higher specs are much recommended because they do not have issue for installing and playing. This game for PC uses operating system Windows 7 or new version. Lower one might be capable, but not very convincing.

The key to play mobile device game on PC is emulator. This is what you will do on Clash of Clans download for PC. Developer on this game only releases version smartphone, iPhone and Android. You just need Android emulator to access all apps from smartphone in order to be visible on desktop computer or laptop. There are many emulators to support Android on PC. You just choose one of them and the basic principle is similar each other. Install this emulator, such as bluestack, on PC and you are ready for next step. PROMOTED CONTENT     The 10 Craziest Things About The World’s Largest Cricket Stadium     Pregnancy Preciousness: Esha Deol Announces Her 2nd Pregnancy     Maruti Suzuki Starts Booking For Updated Baleno     This Online Trading Career Makes Millionaires. Get Ready To Start      

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How to Download and Install

1. Download from Google Play

  • After the emulator is done, you have two ways to get Clash of Clans download for PC. Firstly, open Android OS and go to Google Play. It looks similar to what you see on smartphone.
  • Search for clash of clans then install immediately. The process is straightforward then waits until the installation is done.
  • Shortcut will be on home screen and tap it to open this game. Therefore, clash of clans are ready to play, but make sure internet is available.

2. APK mode

Second way to install Clash of Clans is apk. Some apps for Android may not be available on Google Play. As popular game, there is no issue for finding clash of clans. If direct download does not work, you may download apk version. This is similar to software before install on PC. There are some reasons why second way is more favorable. Sometimes, Google Play does not work properly when using emulator. Moreover, you can choose any version from clash of clans whether new or old one.

This game requires teamwork to complete quest and task. Player has to know how to build the clans, army, and fortress. Moreover, this game relies on gold, gems, and elixirs to expand extensively. You can enjoy all of them after installing Clash of Clans download for PC. Further information about this game from developer, you can visit

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